Cardiac services

East Texas isn’t just the community that the cardiologists and staff at Tyler CVC serve, it’s also their home, which means that providing advanced and highly personalized cardiac care is personal. “When you run into people on the baseball field or at a restaurant, it reinforces the idea that they’re not just patients you’re treating,” says Dr. Thaddeus Tolleson. “They’re part of our community and we’re trying to make the community healthier and better.”

Achieving the goal of delivering exceptional cardiac care to East Texas has multiple layers. One is simply a commitment by Tyler CVC’s cardiologists to treat each patient as a unique case; there is no cookie cutter medicine here. “Sometimes it takes a little extra time,” concedes Dr. Frank Navetta. “But it will be obvious to patients that we truly put the time and effort in to understand what problems they’re facing and to come up with the right treatment. We don’t just click a bunch of boxes.”

Delivering superior care also depends on the ability to draw upon a wide array of resources. In some cases, it’s a matter of doctors taking the necessary time to educate patients about how their lifestyle choices, primarily exercise and diet, can improve their heart health. “The majority of people can reduce their risk of having cardiovascular events dramatically by taking care of known risk factors,” says Dr. Brent Davis. “Whether it’s quitting smoking or better controlling their blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol, patients who learn how to do those things sharply reduce their odds of having a cardiac event.”

At Tyler CVC, delivering the best cardiac care also means utilizing the most advanced, cutting-edge treatments and technologies the medical world offers. The full suite of in-house equipment at the Tyler CVC Imaging Center and Catheterization Lab helps ensure accurate diagnoses to guide the development of treatment plans. And the practice has decades of experience partnering with major medical device and pharmaceutical companies to run pioneering clinical trials. That commitment to not just staying abreast of the latest advances in cardiology, but actually helping drive improvements means that Tyler CVC patients benefit from cutting-edge care not available in other regions. “The advantages of having a research infrastructure are that the public has the opportunity to have access to cutting-edge drugs and devices before other facilities and communities do,” says Greg Murphy, Tyler CVC’s Director of Research.