Cardiac treatments

Tyler CVC does a lot more than just make the most cutting-edge treatments, devices and technologies available to East Texans struggling with heart disease. Thanks to three decades of experience conducting advanced cardiac research, Tyler CVC plays a role in delivering the innovations that improve and extend the lives of people around the country and across the world.

The good news for East Texans is this: Because large pharmaceutical and medical device companies are well aware of Tyler CVC’s reputation for running high-quality clinical trials, our region is one of the first in the world to benefit from the latest advances in cardiac care. “The advantages of having a research infrastructure are that the public has the opportunity to have access to cutting-edge drugs and devices before other facilities and communities do,” says Greg Murphy, the director of research at Tyler CVC.

Over its long history, Tyler CVC’s research program has brought more than 300 clinical trials to East Texas. Thanks to its partnership with East Texas Medical Center (ETMC), the practice participates in around 15 cardiovascular clinical trials at any one time. Among the clinical trials Tyler CVC has participated in are those involving:

  • Drugs The focus of much of Tyler CVC’s early research was on developing drugs able to dissolve clots and antiplatelet medications that keep arteries open.
  • Technologies Stents keep arteries open and reduce the likelihood a patient will have a heart attack. Tyler CVC has spearheaded improvements in this life-saving technology, including drug-coated stents that help patients recover and a type of stent that dissolves in the body when it’s no longer needed.
  • Devices From defibrillators required by those facing severe heart disease to the world’s smallest heart pump to TAVR, a minimally invasive valve replacement, Tyler CVC’s device research has contributed to exciting advances in cardiac care.

Tyler CVC’s commitment to advanced research and the most cutting-edge treatments has a singular purpose: To provide East Texans the very best cardiac care possible.

Treatments available at Tyler CVC include:

Cardiac catheterization

Catheter ablation for arrhythmias

Coronary stents


Electrophysiology studies

Holter monitoring

Implantable cardioverter defibrillator

Lipid/cholesterol management


Peripheral vascular disease and intervention

Tilt table test