It’s easy and convenient to make an appointment with one of Tyler CVC’s cardiologists. Here’s how, along with some other tips and suggestions for making your visit to Tyler CVC as hassle-free as possible:

Who do I call to make an appointment?

Reach one of our schedulers by calling  903-595-5514 or 800-543-2783.

Do I need a referral from my primary care physician?

Most patients scheduling an appointment with Tyler CVC are referred by their primary care physician. This makes sense: Patients go to their regular doctor when they experience shortness of breath or other symptoms of heart disease. After an examination, a primary care doctor will determine whether those symptoms require additional investigation and tests by a cardiologist. In some instances, patients will call us directly to arrange an appointment. This is known as a self-referral.

IMPORTANT: What do I need to know about my insurance?

Depending on the insurance you have, you may need to get referral authorization from your primary care physician before scheduling an appointment with Tyler CVC. We make every effort to collect that authorization from your doctor, but it ultimately is the patient’s responsibility. Be your own advocate. Make sure that you have any referral authorization that your insurance plan requires before you see one of our cardiologists. If you don’t, you may be held responsible for charges that your insurance won’t cover. The same is true with self-referrals. Check with your insurance to make sure that it will cover your care at Tyler CVC.

What should I do if my cardiologist orders additional tests or procedures?

It is essential to secure a referral authorization from your primary care physician before scheduling an appointment at Tyler CVC, if needed by your insurance provider. It is also vital to check with your insurance to verify that it will cover any test or procedure ordered by a Tyler CVC doctor.