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Who is Tyler CVC?

When Dr. Robert Carney launched Tyler CVC in 1987, he had a straightforward yet ambitious goal for the practice: To provide the best heart care in East Texas. Though it’s a simple goal to pursue, actually achieving it requires a complicated mix of expertise, culture and technological sophistication.

Before he became a cardiologist in Tyler, Carney began his career as a physician in Missouri, where he was on the leading edge of heart care. “Before I came to Tyler, they were doing 20 cardiac interventions per year,” he recalls. “I was doing five a week.”

Carney brought his commitment to being on the leading edge of heart care with him to Texas and made it a pillar of how Tyler CVC functions. In the three decades since its founding, Tyler CVC has remained cutting-edge in a wide range of cardiac care. How? In part, it has required assembling the right team. Our cardiologists have trained at elite institutions, such as the Cleveland Clinic and Duke University Medical Center, and are expert in heart conditions ranging from congestive heart failure to coronary heart disease to arrhythmias. Tyler CVC has also been a pioneer in cardiology research, spearheading clinical trials that make advanced treatments and devices available to patients in East Texas.

Tyler CVC’s expertise in heart care also is due to its on-site equipment. Our imaging center and catheterization lab are equipped with the most medically advanced equipment, allowing Tyler CVC doctors and staff to perform important diagnostic tests and treatments, including the full scope of catheterization procedures, cardiac and vascular ultrasound imaging, nuclear stress testing and the treatment of patients with lower extremity venous disorders. In addition, our partnership with UT Health East Texas and our robust outreach program means that we can effectively treat patients throughout East Texas and many times in their own communities

Underscoring all of this is our mission to provide high-quality cardiovascular services to East Texas patients and Tyler CVC’s patient-focused culture of excellence. Not only does that mean Tyler CVC’s cardiologists are committed to utilizing the most advanced cardiac care necessary to treat patients, it means our doctors and staff pledge to treat patients with respect and professionalism. “Our culture is a culture of excellent patient care,” says Carney. “That is our defining characteristic.”