Tyler CVC offers a full spectrum of cardiac care to the East Texas community. Tyler CVC’s team of 11 cardiologists has extensive experience and expertise in diagnosing and treating a wide range of heart-related ailments, everything from high cholesterol and hypertension to congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease.

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Tyler CVC physicians

Though Tyler is not a major metropolitan area, the team of physicians at Tyler CVC is every bit as skilled and experienced as any practice in Houston or Dallas. Collectively, Tyler CVC’s doctors have over 200 years of hands-on experience treating heart patients and have received medical training at prestigious institutions, such as the Cleveland Clinic, Duke University Medical Center and Baylor University Medical Center.

Dr. Robert Carney is a co-founder of Tyler CVC. Dr. Carney launched the practice in 1988, after he completed his medical education and training and began his professional career in his native Missouri. His philosophy of patient care? “When I’m in a room with a patient, we spend as much time as we need so that when they leave, they’re satisfied,” he says.

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Dr. Brent Davis joined Tyler CVC in 2004, after finishing general and interventional cardiology fellowships at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center. A native Texan, Dr. Davis was eager to join a practice in his home state where he could utilize his procedural skills. “I have enjoyed the opportunity to establish lasting relationships with patients in East Texas. If you treat patients with respect, they will give you the same,” he says.

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Dr. David Dick continues a family tradition of providing high-quality medical care to the East Texas community. His father practiced internal medicine in Tyler, and Dr. Dick followed his dad into the medical profession after a stint in the U.S. Army. Educating patients is key to David’s delivery of good care. “I really enjoy taking the time to educate patients about whatever medical issue they’re facing. I really like working through that with them and helping them and being their advocate,” he says.

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Dr. Ashish Gangasani comes to Tyler CVC after graduating with honors from the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Medicine and working in private practice in Michigan. A specialist in cardiac electrophysiology, Dr. Gangasani was drawn to Tyler CVC because of the practice’s strong reputation. He enjoys working with patients in East Texas because their common sense and collaborative attitude lead to the best possible care. “The East Texas community members are hard working and family-oriented with a practical outlook when it comes to dealing with healthcare options,” he says. “This helps physicians make the right decisions for them under what can sometimes be trying circumstances.”

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After medical school at the University of Cincinnati, Dr. David Hector, II, received training at Ohio’s Good Samaritan Hospital and Cleveland Clinic. Warmer weather and a position at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler brought Dr. Hector south in 1986, and he joined Tyler CVC in 1998. The changes he has seen in the quality of care in East Texas since he arrived have been dramatic. “Medical care has improved dramatically, and to be a part of that new culture and advanced medical care for East Texas is one of the great pleasures of my life,” he says.

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Dr. Ajay Pachika grew up dreaming of becoming a doctor, largely because he saw how people in his community respected physicians because of the care they provided. Now that he actually is a doctor, Dr. Pachika is humbled by the chance he has to improve the lives of patients. “People give you the opportunity to be a part of their lives at the moment when they most need some help, and I think it’s a great responsibility,” he says. “It’s a huge responsibility and I carry it with pride.”

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Dr. Raul Torres-Heisecke joined Tyler CVC in 2013, after working at the VA Medical Center in Detroit, Michigan, and at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. An expert in heart rhythm disorders, the native of Paraguay puts special emphasis on the doctor-patient bond. “Not everyone benefits from the most expensive procedure, but everyone will benefit from a good relationship with their doctor,” he says.

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Dr. Alex Korniyenko joined Tyler CVC in 2015, after spending the early part of his career in the New York metropolitan area. Before attending medical school at Ross University, Dr. Korniyenko worked as a paramedic for the New York Fire Department, during which time he was a first responder to the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Much of Dr. Korniyenko’s focus in his adopted East Texas home is educating patients to live heart-healthy lives. “A lot of people are unaware how sick they are and how bad their habits are,” he says. “That is where you start. You plant your seeds wisely and you get the fruit you want. Dietary modification and exercise makes a big difference.”

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Dr. Frank Navetta joined Tyler CVC in 1990, after completing medical school in New York and an internship, residency and multiple fellowships at Duke University Medical Center. A native New Yorker, Dr. Navetta brings deep experience and the occasional dose of humor to his work. It’s all part of delivering high quality and personalized care to a community he loves. “It forces you to step up your game when you know you’re going to be seeing patients around town all the time,” he says. “You have this connection to people. They’re your neighbors.”

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Having lost his father to a heart attack at a young age, Dr. Robert Smith’s passion for cardiology is personal. A desire to prevent others from having to suffer from heart disease propelled Dr. Smith through medical school at Texas Tech, where he was valedictorian, and on through his internship, residency and fellowships at Baylor University Medical Center. Dr. Smith marvels at how much cardiology has changed and improved since he joined Tyler CVC in 2001. “What we practice day in and day out has changed dramatically over the past 10 to 15 years,” he says. “It has really revolutionized the results we get. It’s incredible.”

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Dr. Thaddeus Tolleson’s interest in becoming a doctor was cemented when he spent a college summer working in the emergency room at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. The satisfaction he got watching people come in sick and leave much healthier still drives him today at Tyler CVC. What has changed are the tools at his disposal to deliver quality care. “We are doing so many things that seemed like sci-fi not long ago,” he says. “We want to use the most advanced medicine to take care of people and make lives better.”

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Dr. Andrew J. Luisi, Jr., joined Tyler CVC’s Athens office in 2022. His goal is to provide his patients the knowledge and means to help prevent and treat heart disease. “I chose to specialize in cardiology because heart disease is the leading cause of death and disability in the United States,” he said. “I want to help my patients stay heart healthy.” As the son of both a physician and an educator, Dr. Luisi looks forward to combining the two in his role at CVC. “I enjoy both treating my patients, and am passionate about teaching and training future healthcare providers,” he said.

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Dr. Preetham Muskula, joined Tyler CVC in Athens in 2022. He is trained in echocardiography, interventional cardiology, coronary and peripheral interventions and catheter-based therapies for structural heart disease. He also is experienced in transcatheter aortic valve replacements, mitral clip, PFO closure and Watchman device implantations. He said, “my goal is to be a comprehensive resource for cardiovascular care for my patients and use an individualized care plan for each patient that is designed to achieve the best outcomes.”

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Dr. Gaurav Patel, RPVI, FACC, joined Tyler CVC in 2022. He specializes in interventional and general cardiology. He is certified in echocardiography, nuclear cardiology and interpretation of vascular studies. In addition to complex percutaneous coronary interventions for coronary artery disease and interventions for peripheral arterial disease, he focuses on endovascular interventions for pulmonary embolism, including mechanical thrombectomy and catheter-directed fibrinolytic therapy. “I chose to pursue interventional cardiology because it allows me to make an immediate impact on a patient’s condition. It is the most rewarding part of interventional cardiology.”

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