Insurance FAQ

Tyler CVC accepts most private insurance plans, as well as well as Medicare and Medicaid. We accept most of the insurance plans that our affiliate East Texas Medical Center does. Click here for a listing of ETMC accepted plans and a list of frequently asked questions. Common questions about insurance include:

Should I contact my insurance company before scheduling an appointment?

Yes. How much your insurance plan will cover the cost of your care at Tyler CVC depends on a number factors including whether Tyler CVC is in the plan’s network. Call your health insurance provider before scheduling an appointment to find out how much of your care at Tyler CVC you’ll be financially responsible for.

What insurance documents should I bring to my appointment?

Always bring your health insurance card and a photo ID.

Who do I contact with questions about insurance?

Please contact Tyler CVC at 903-595-5514 or 800-543-2783, if you have any insurance-related questions.

Do I need a referral authorization, and how do I get one?

Depending on the insurance you have, you may need to get a referral authorization from your primary care physician before scheduling an appointment with Tyler CVC. We make every effort to collect that authorization from your doctor, but it ultimately is the patient’s responsibility. Be your own advocate. Make sure that you have any referral authorization that your insurance plan requires before you see one of our cardiologists. If you don’t, you may be held responsible for charges that your insurance won’t cover. The same is true with self-referrals. Check with your insurance to make sure that it will cover your care at Tyler CVC.

What should I do if my cardiologist orders additional tests or procedures?

It is essential to secure a referral authorization from your primary care physician before scheduling an appointment at Tyler CVC. It is also vital to check with your insurance to verify that it will cover any test or procedure ordered by a Tyler CVC doctor. Obtaining what is typically known as a pre-certification or pre-authorization will ensure that you are not liable for the cost of any diagnostic tests or treatments.


We require payment at the time of service (depending upon your insurance). It is our office policy to file your insurance for you. You pay deductibles, co-payments, etc.

Your payment on the day of your appointment will be your co-pay, if applicable and 20 percent, if deductible has not been met.

If you have any concerns, financial arrangements should be made in advance with our patient account representative.

We accept Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurances. As a courtesy, we bill secondary insurance carriers for our patients.

  • We accept assignment for Medicare.
  • We also accept credit/debit cards.

If you need any additional information, or have any questions regarding your bill, please contact us.

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